Demons Of Asteborg is a platform game mixing action and strategy. The Ghouls’n Ghosts-style fights make it a real challenge for players.

The game is playable alone – or possibly in cooperation – and each player has a melee weapon and an ability (like a projectile) that can be launched/used in 3 directions (left, right and up). 

The player also have a special attack based on his current ability.

The game has a scenario and a universe of his own, inspired by a lot of games, movies and other works.

The goal will be to defeat Kzorox the supreme master of hell. It will be necessary to reach him by traversing the whole Kingdom of Asteborg and its distant countries in order to reach the portal leading to the other world.

The player will play as Gareth, a member of the Royal Guard of the Kingdom of Asteborg. He will then have to travel all over the Kingdom, braving winds and swamps, and splitting anyone who gets in his way.

8 levels will be available, in this order:

  • plains & village
  • fields & cemetery
  • forest
  • swamps
  • undeground
  • mountain
  • castle
  • hell

+ A bonus level, arcade style, inspired by Panzer Dragoon and Space Harrier.

The map of Asteborg

 Destructibles objects & Items:

In Demons of Asteborg you can collect – for the moment – two types of items : vigor potions and health potions. These permit to refill your health and vigor bar. Without vigor you will no longer be able to use your special attack or your ability (and without health you just.. die).

These items can be found by destroying enemies or destructibles objects (see below).

You’ll probably die on your quest, but Death is not the end…

Game Over screen.