A long time ago in the Kingdom of Asteborg,

Humans and demons lived peacefully together.

But over time, their differences grew into division, until the day when the great war broke out.

Humans and demons struggled for years.

Out of breath, humans gradually lost hope.

But one day, a brave half-demon half-human man, Sagramor, managed to open a portal to hell and jailed himself up with all the demons.

Peace returned within the Kingdom, the bards sang the praises of the half-blooded hero, until he became a legend …

Centuries later, Zadimus, the king’s counselor, reveals himself to be a demon rescued from the apocalypse.

Having patiently recovered his strength for several centuries, he is finally able to open the portal and release his brothers to regain power over the Kingdom …

The inevitable happens: the demons invade the Kingdom, ravaging the villages and farms of humans who have forgotten the art of war.

Gareth, a mysterious knight of the royal guard seems to be the only hope of Asteborg…

The member of the Royal Guard (who you will incarnate)
The king’s counselor who turns out to be a demon
The legendary half-blooded hero.

The World of Asteborg is filled with many characters and monstrous creatures.

Humans : They are, mostly, peasants who have forgotten the art of war over time.

Demons : They live up to 500 years and are very good fighters. They have a human appearance, apart from some differences (red pupils, horns, developed musculature, reddish complexion).

Monsters of Hell : They live in hell and give their lives to serve Kzorox, the master of hell.